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Last Minute Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 10th, only a few days away. If you’ve been busy and needs a last minute gift for Mother’s Day, below are some suggestions that are available via Amazon Prime. You can get these gifts in 2 days, just in time to show mom how much you appreciate her.


Needless to say, she will get a great laugh out of these “muffin man” cups. You may even get muffins.


The mother of coffee makers, for your mother.


If not coffee, why not tea?

Mason Jar Measuring Cup. So cute!

Because CATS…and WINE!


For the good days, for the bad days, and for the don’t-even-ask days.


“Mom, thanks for feeding me so I don’t die” coffee mug. You gotta say it from the heart, you know?


This knife is so awesome, you’re going to want to borrow it.

With this, she will be the IronChef in her kitchen

This is not an appliance you want to store away in the cabinets, this should be the center piece of the kitchen.

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