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Where have you been, Jelly Bean?

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is doing well. So, I have not posted any new blog post for the past 3 weeks, except for my recent interview with Chef Andew Miller. I actually have not been cooking. David has been working a lot on a new project (which I cannot wait to share, in due time) and he also has been managing the kitchen at NP#2. With my sister in school as well, I have no one to cook for. One of my very good friends had asked me to officiate her wedding in two weeks. I am so excited that she had asked me. I’ve been trying to lose some pork belly weight before the wedding. Lately, my diet has been mostly kale and almond butter shakes, steamed salmon summer rolls, and quinoa salads. All delicious and healthy! No weight loss yet though. 😦

I am currently working on a project of my own, but I will keep that hush hush until the official reveal day. There’s so much to look forward to and I am so thankful for being able to do what I love. I miss you all and I will return soon with a new cooking post.

Happy cooking!

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