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Pickled Carrots and Daikons

Pickled Carrots and Daikons

If you’ve eaten Vietnamese vermicelli, or any Vietnamese BBQ lunch plates, or Vietnamese banh mi, you’ve probably have had pickled carrots and daikons. Being our main go-to side dish, pickled carrots and daikon are super easy to make. Unlike other pickling method, there is no need to cook any ingredient, or to can the vegetables. If you’re unfamiliar with daikons, they are long, white roots that are about twice as big as a carrot. They taste similar to a radish. These carrots and daikons will last for about a month in the fridge. Enjoy! Carrots, peeled Daikons, peeled 1 tbsp salt 1 cup sugar 2 cup water 2 cups rice wine vinegar 1. Julienne the carrots and daikons into thin strips. I used a mandoline. 2. Add salt and mix well. Let sit for 30 minutes. 3. The salt should suck out a lot of the vegetables’ moisture. Rinse well and use a salad spinner to dry. 4. Combine sugar, water and vinegar 5. Pack the carrots and daikons tightly in a glass or plastic …